Term of services




Article 1: subject

The present online commercial contract is that by which Créations JC Perrin offers or ensures distance supply by electronic means of fine leather goods and watch straps made of leather or other quality materials.


Article 2: Identity of vendor

The vendor is identified as Créations Jean-Claude Perrin SARL with a capital of 541,000€ whose headquarters is situated at 3 Chemin du Cerf, 25390, Orchamps-Vennes, FRANCE; tel: (33) 03 81 43 65 65; e-mail: jc@perrin.fr; inscribed on the commercial register of Besançon, FRANCE; TVA: FR00420147639


Article 3: Essential characteristics of goods

The goods concerned are leather watch straps of different colours and other fine leather goods weighing no more than 750 gr per item and with maximum dimensions of 30x40x10 cm.

If the client’s address is served by our carrier, our calf-leather products may be viewed and delivered in all countries. For products subjected to CITES regulations such as alligator, ostrich, cayman, python and lizard, delivery is confined to the European Union. Product availability is indicated on the product sheet and at the time of ordering.

Our products are fragile and the leather requires special maintenance. To conserve their quality and appearance, the goods must never be immersed in water and, in general, must not be exposed to any liquid other than the recommended maintenance products.

Delivery is by the French Postal service within a maximum of 8 days. All claims concerning after-sales service can be made via our site’s contact page or directly to company headquarters at the following address: Créations JC Perrin, 3 chemin du Cerf, 25390 Orchamps Vennes, France; tel: 03 81 43 65 65; fax: 03 81 41 65 60; e-mail: jc@perrin.fr.

If, after you place your order, the product is unavailable, Créations Perrin will inform you by e-mail or mail. Your order will be automatically cancelled and you will be reimbursed immediately.


Article 4 : Contractual sales conditions

Créations JC Perrin offers its customers conditions of sale that are permanently and easily accessible, and that can be maintained and extended (article 1369-1 of the French civil code. Our offer is valid as long its conditions remain viable.

The consumer recognizes having been informed of the general terms and conditions of sale displayed on this screen and to have explicitly accepted them without reserve.

The buyer wishing to place an order must choose the product desired by clicking on “select”. The chosen product will be placed in his order basket. The product photographs shown as examples are not contractual. The detailed product sheet is the only source of contractual terms.

The order summary allows the buyer to change his choices, make cancellations or correct possible typing errors. The choice of products, quantity, delivery address, e-mail address, etc. can thus be edited. Créations Perrin will not be responsible for any typing error (incomplete or wrong address, quantity, product reference, etc.).

Once errors have been corrected, the buyer must validate his order. This second validation constitutes a handwritten signature. It gives the buyer’s explicit agreement to the offer of goods and services that has been made. With this validation, the order is considered to be irrevocable and cannot be questioned.

Our online boutique is proposed in both French and English.

Créations JC Perrin will archive order forms and invoices in a viable and sustainable form so as to constitute a reliable copy. The computerised registries of Créations JC Perrin will be considered by all parties as proof of contacts, orders, payments and transactions between the parties, unless any proof to the contrary can be shown, and for a period of ten years. The electronic signature by the procedure of the double click while placing an order, along with its recording are considered to be a written agreement between the parties.


Article 5: Detailed information concerning price or the goods

The prices of our goods are given in euros.

Delivery times are in addition to preparation time.

For your information, our delivery fees are as follows:



Delivery times



2 days

12 to 14 €

French overseas territories

5 to 7 days

30 to 62 €

European Union

3 to 8 days

26 to 36 €

Outside the European Union

3 to 8 days

36 to 63 €


For any purchase over 750€ there is no delivery charge.

For goods shipped outside of the European Union and the French Overseas Territories, the price is calculated without taxes. However, invoice taxes, customs fees, import taxes or local taxes may be applicable. We advise you to inquire about these matters locally.


Article 6: Closing an online contract


Preliminary formalities

Before confirming acceptance of an offer, the buyer must:

  • verify the details of the order
    • the products ordered
    • possible price reductions
    • means of payment
    • means of delivery
  • verify total price, taxes included, and

correct any possible errors


Electronic reception of order confirmation (article 1639-2 of the French civil code – article 25, law of 06/08/2004)

Créations JC Perrin will send the buyer an e-mail as quickly as possible confirming that the order has been received. This formality assures the buyer that his intention to make a purchase has been taken into account.

The buyer must confirm that the order includes the following:

  • information relating to the contractual offer (name and personal data concerning Creations JC Perrin, delivery fee, means of payment, delivery or executing the contract)
  • information concerning the conditions and use of the buyer’s right to rescind an order)
  • the address of the supplier to which the buyer can file a complaint
  • information relating to after-sales service and to commercial guarantees.

The contract between the two parties is finalised when the buyer has repeated acceptation by means of a double click.



Article 7: payment


The price of products is to be paid directly the day the order is finalised. If payment is not made, the order is automatically cancelled. The only means of payment accepted is by bank card (CB, e-carte bleue, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard).


Article 8: The right to rescind an order and its deadline (article L.132-6, French monetary and financial code)

When placing an order the buyer must be aware of the existence or inexistence of the right to rescind an order and return items concerning the goods and services being purchased.


The buyer may cancel a purchase and return the item within a period of 14 (fourteen) days of reception, without having to justify the decision or pay any penalties with the exception of the cost of returning the product.


Créations JC Perrin will reimburse the buyer as quickly as possible and at the latest within thirty days of the date of recission.


Please note: personalised goods or goods produced according to the specifications of the consumer cannot be returned (watch straps).


Article 9 : Means of reimbursement


If a reimbursement is requested, Créations JC Perrin will as quickly as possible refund the sum paid for the order and for delivery charges.

Créations JC Perrin will proceed to reimburse the buyer by any means of its choice unless the buyer specifies an option (credit, cheque or cash).


Article 10: Delivery of goods:


Créations JC Perrin will indicate, before finalisation the contract, the deadline within which the items ordered will be delivered.

In case of late delivery (more than seven days after the announced date), unjustified by circumstances beyond the control of the company (work stoppage, strike, blackout, accident, war, riot, fire, impossibility of receiving supplies, and generally any circumstances arriving after conclusion of the contract and preventing its application in normal conditions) the buyer may rescind the order by registered letter within thirty days and obtain total reimbursement of sums paid.

After confirmation of an order, Créations JC Perrin will furnish its carrier with all items specified by the buyer. The carrier will deliver the order to the buyer’s address furnished by Créations JC Perrin.

In addition, for deliveries outside of metropolitan France, the buyer is responsible for paying all taxes due for the importation of goods, customs fees, value added tax and all other taxes due by law in the country of destination.


Delivery will be assured by the French National Post Office by tracked colissimo. Possible delays in delivery do not give the buyer any right to claim damages.

Merchandise always travels at the risk of the recipient. Always verify your parcel on delivery. You have 48 hours in which to file a complaint with the carrier in case of loss or damage.


Article 11: Legal guarantee of compliance for the sale of goods to be manufactured or produced


Créations JC Perrin delivers a good in compliance with the contract and will answer for any compliance defects existing on delivery.

Any watch strap whose size may vary in comparison to the buyer’s specifications, from 0 to plus 0.05 mm in width at the case, and more or less 2 mm in length for the strand, will be considered to be in compliance with the order.

In case of any compliance defect, the buyer may, without any additional cost, choose between two options:

  • replacement or repair of the item purchased: however, if the buyer’s choice leads to a manifestly disproportionate cost in relation to the value of the good or the gravity of the defect, the vendor may decide to opt for another solution. This shall be the case if, for example, the chosen model has changed or has been modified, or if repair is possible but at a cost higher than replacement.
  • reimbursement of the price of the item; the buyer may:
    • return the item and receive reimbursement, or
    • keep the item and receive a partial reimbursement.

Such will be the case if the solution, requested, proposed or agreed upon, cannot be implemented within a period of one month following the buyer’s claim, or if the solution cannot be implemented without major inconvenience for the latter, given the nature of the item and the usage sought. If the compliance defect is minor, the sale may, nevertheless, not be concluded.


Article 12 : personal data

In application of French law n° 78-17 of January 6th 1978, modified by law n° 2004-801 of August 6th 2004, relative to computer use, computerised files and liberties, the information requested of the customer is necessary to the processing of the order and is intended solely to the offices of the company Créations JC Perrin. In no case shall it be used for any other reasons than those of this site.

The customer may exercise these rights by contacting our offices, either by post at Créations JC Perrin, 3 chemin du Cerf, 25390 Orchamps-Vennes, FRANCE, or by means of the contact page on our site.


Processing of personal data was declared to the CNIL on August 24th 2011 and registered as number 1527589v0.


Article 13 : law applicable

The present contract is governed by the law of the country in which the buyer habitually resides.


Article 14: Settlement of disputes

The buyer may choose among several means of solution of differences


Mediation clause

Disputes having just occurred, in relation to validity, interpretation, execution or lack of execution, of interruption or termination of the present contract, will be submitted for mediation and solution to the CMAP (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris) (Paris centre for mediation and arbitration) to which the parties declare to adhere.

Online recommendations clause

Disputes having just occurred, in relation to validity, interpretation, interruption or termination of the present contract, will by submitted to “Recommendation en ligne du CMAP” (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris) (Online recommendation of the Paris centre for mediation and arbitration) to which the parties declare to adhere.

Créations JC Perris assumes the cost of online mediation or recommendation.

Recourse to common law


If the claim is filed on the part of the buyer, the authorised territorial tribunal for any litigation will be the authorised state tribunal of the buyer’s place of residence.

If the claim is filed on the part of Créations JC Perrin, the authorised territorial tribunal for any litigation is the authorised state tribunal of Besançon.


General Terms and Conditions of Sale, updated June 2015.